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    Christ in the Heart-Christ in the Home w/Dr. Phillip Mamalakis

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    9:00am ORTHROS | LITURGY by 10:00am 


    Check out our new & revised calendar! It now includes "The Planner 2017-2018" from GoArch! 

    Keep a daily focus on Christ with Scriptural readings, fast days, prayers, saints of the day, and inspiration from the Fathers. The Planner follows the Ecclesiastical (church) year beginning in September and ending in August.

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     "It is through prayer and worship that God is not merely known about, but known and experienced."

    Welcome to St Demetrios

    We are an active Greek Orthodox Christian Parish located in Saco, Maine. Our membership consists of native Greek, Romanian, Russian, and English speaking families and youth. The parish has a long standing Greek membership with a growing number of English speaking Protestant and Catholic converts. Our Parish Priest is Father Basil Arabatzis who has been a priest for over 30 years.

    We invite you to "come and see," as Philip said to Nathaniel (John 1:46), to experience the beauty, glory, and holy splendor of this same Orthodox Church in the twenty-first century.

    To learn more about us and the Orthodox Church visit our about us page. For a schedule of upcoming services and events visit our calendar page here.

    Regular Sunday Morning & Service Times

    (Subject to change based on Liturgical Calendar - click here for calendar)


    Orthros: 9:00am

    Divine Liturgy: By 10:00am

    Weekday Liturgies (See Calendar)

    "Come, See, & Experience Orthodox Christianity"

    5 Misconceptions About The Orthodox Church

    What is Orthodox Christianity

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    Schedule of Liturgy and Events

    Regular Sunday Services: WINTER HOURS: Orthros 9:00 am/Divine Liturgy by 10:00 am Weekday Liturgies (When applicable): 8:30am Please be sure to check the calendar for changes

    Patron Saint

    Saint Demetrios Commemorated on October 26th Saint Demetrios suffered in Thessalonica during the reign of Galerius Maximian (c. 306). He belonged to one of the

    The Orthodox Church

    What is the Orthodox Church? It is through prayer and worship that God is not merely known about, but known and experienced. And through Jesus