November Newsletter 2016

St. Demetrios

Vol. XXVII   No. 11         Saco, Maine               November 2016


Entering, with THANKSGIVING,

The NATIVITY Season!

The Seasons have completely changed, and on the 15th,
we enter the 40-day Nativity Season of our Lord!

The Daily Liturgies will begin Dec. 1.
May it be a blessing for us – Spiritually!


As we begin the closing months of the year we always come up against our END OF THE YEAR Finances & Giving.

So, here we are!

  • Last year (2015) our Shortfall was $24,620
  • This year, making the same assumptions as last year, we anticipate our Shortfall to be about $20,000.
  • So we ask everyone to please, in Thanksgiving, to continue supporting all our work to the best of OUR Ability!

Again Thank You to so many of you who have worked so hard both “inside” & “outside” our building, to both raise $ AND save $ by doing the work on our buildings and grounds!

In the next 45 days….

  1. Please complete your 2016 Stewardship Offering (Pledge).
  2. If you can, we ask that you give an additional Christmas Offering (small or great).

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